Eva Lovia Blog page

Eva Lovia Blog page

Eva Lovia Blog page

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Eva Lovia is excited about her new career as a lifestyle blogger, TV personality, and social media influencer. She’s also venturing into live streaming; sharing her experiences as they happen. This pivot into a completely different arena has been life-changing so far. With this bold career move, Eva Lovia hopes to become an inspiration to the countless men and women (especially women) who are struggling with the decision on whether or not to take a leap of faith and go where their hearts truly lie: their passions.

If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation to chase after your dreams, this is blog site is for you. In here, Eva Lovia will talk about her career shift; share her interests in healthy living, her travels, and advocacies.

What’s included in the blog site?

Briefly, here are the initial pages you can check out:

About – Learn more about Eva Lovia’s personal life; her life with her husband Erik Horbacz, her career plans including projects in the pipeline, and her interests, which are mainly health and fitness, cooking and eating healthy, traveling, and foodie adventures.

Twitch – Read all about Eva Lovia’s journey into becoming a Twitch Partner; a feat she accomplished after only six months of streaming on the Twitch live streaming platform.

Healthy Lifestyle – In here, Eva Lovia promotes her advocacy for living a healthy lifestyle. Read her tips on health and nutrition, fitness, and everything in between.

Blog – The blog page is where Eva Lovia will be sharing more tips and information on living a healthier and happier lifestyle. This is also the page where she hopes to connect with her audience; opening communication lines to discuss relevant topics.

For the time being, these are all the pages that you can visit on the site. As more projects come in and more opportunities for connecting with others arise, Eva Lovia will be adding more pages.